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About Kelly Hyman

Acting has always been a passion for Kelly Hyman. From a young age, she explored her talents, beginning her career at just five years old. She has enjoyed a lengthy career bringing the joy of the arts to audiences for over nearly 25 years. Although her love of the stage will always be something she cherishes, after 25 years of devoting her life to her craft, Kelly decided to go to law school and become a Lawyer. Both of these passions in Kelly’s life have brought an enjoyable mix of skills, which Kelly has been using to gain traction as a legal analyst and commentator. Now as a successful businesswoman in two separate industries, Kelly Hyman is excited to be joining her talents to leave her mark on the world.

Kelly Hyman has acted all over the country, but spent much of her time in the mecca of the arts: New York. Teeming with opportunity, New York had a lot to offer Kelly as she was close to auditions, workshops, and unique opportunities. Kelly didn’t just go to New York as a fresh-faced hopeful, however; she was fully prepared for the demands of a working actress and had already had extensive experience in working with agents to help her gain exposure and various roles. As a child, Kelly Hyman actually hit a stroke of luck in obtaining her first agent. Her mother, a former professional tennis player, had been giving tennis lessons to the late actor Charlton Heston. Since he had so much experience and pull within the acting industry, this was certainly an actor that Kelly looked up to. Charlton was gracious enough to help Kelly obtain her first important connection. Kelly has been extremely grateful for this guiding moment in her career and loves the moments when she can offer the same comfort to other actors as well.

In addition to working in New York, Kelly Hyman also spent part of her career in California, another staple location for the arts. This atmosphere brought similar opportunities and training into Kelly’s life and she continued to work between the two states for the majority of her career.

Kelly Hyman had the honor of being nominated for a Youth in Film award as a young adult. Some of Kelly’s favorite roles and most memorable work have included the role of Loretta on Young and the Restless, and Norman Fell from Three’s Company’s daughter on the show Gettin’ There. She was able to work with the iconic Adam West (known best for playing the original Batman) while playing the role of Donna in the Planet Earth movie Doin’ Time. You might also recognize Kelly’s voice from the “Give Me A Break” Kit-Kat commercial ads.

One of the things that drew Kelly Hyman to becoming a lawyer was the ability to bring change in someone’s life. The arts have this ability too, which is a core part of why Kelly has been able to bridge her training so seamlessly. Being able to take these two points of passion in order to create a new career has been a great joy in Kelly’s life. She’s enjoyed previous work as a TV Personality, an on-stage actress, and also as a lecturer. Having the ability to show confidence as a lawyer, command the right body language, and think quickly on your toes are skills that Kelly accredits to her training as an actress. In fact, she has even led seminars on the topic of Improv as an Attorney to show the relevant skills between both industries. What once seemed like two opposite paths quickly turned into a wonderfully unique venture for Kelly to explore.

Kelly earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of California, Los Angeles as her Juris Doctor degree cum laude from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.

Currently, Kelly is working as an Attorney in Denver, Colorado. She is involved in a plethora of political and law-oriented groups and causes to help serve her community – locally and nationally – more fully. Kelly Hyman is happily married to the love of her life, and she and her husband enjoy traveling the world together whenever they have the chance.

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