We are fortunate that there are so many great shows on television right now. From networks to streaming services and cable channels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. These are four great shows on television right now, spanning a number of genres.

Castle Rock

This Hulu program is based on the works of Stephen King. Taking place in an expanded universe around his established creations, Castle Rock is a fascinating horror series with a chilling mystery at its core. The central plot of the show is the 1991 disappearance of Henry Deaver, followed by the appearance of Bill Skarsgard’s character The Kid in 2018. This show takes viewers on a frightening journey that will keep them coming back for more.

The Americans

This FX series traces the lives of a family of Soviet double agents living in 1980s Washington, DC. Real-life husband and wife Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell have undeniable chemistry in their roles. The show explores the dual nature of their lives, from daily life with their teenage children to the machinations of spies and hitmen. Through it all, Elizabeth and Philip’s relationship is the core of the show.

The Great British Baking Show

Netflix has recently picked up this enduring British series, and a switchover in presenters means that new blood has been injected into the formula. In this series, a group of amateur bakers progresses through a series of increasingly difficult culinary challenges. Viewers will root for their favorites while laughing at some of the bakers’ efforts. The show has a soothing, low-drama atmosphere which is a perfect antidote to some of its competitors on broadcast TV.

Game of Thrones

This long-running HBO fantasy series is one of the most expensive shows on television, and it shows. The fantasy medieval setting is incredibly detailed, and the special effects are outstanding. Since Season 1, each character has undergone change and development as their circumstances change. Certain characters who were seen as weak become power players as time goes by, like Sansa Stark. Like the unstoppable progress of the long winter, the show’s sweeping plots are coming to an end. The last season will air in 2019, making this the perfect time to catch up.

There are many other great shows to choose from currently, but this list has something for everyone.