House Democrats are launching an investigation into President Donald Trump’s reaction to warnings from the intelligence community about COVID-19. The main question is whether information was provided and did Trump ignore early warning signs.

Adam Shiff broke the news to media outlets and stated that the same committee that led the charge to begin Trump’s impeachment would also be overseeing this effort.

The investigation will dive into what information was provided by the intelligence community and what was the president’s response to it. The house democrats want answers as to how clear the information was and when was it first reported?

Trump has been heavily criticized over his response to the pandemic and house democrats feel that there is more to the story than what is being told to the media in Trump’s daily briefings.

A large part of the criticism from house democrats comes from the sheer amount of information that was in the public before and during the early stages of the pandemics’ effect on the US. Donald Trump continuously downplayed the virus and made it seem as if there was no problem within the United States. Clearly, weeks later this is not the case and house democrats are looking for answers.

Adam Schiff has already set wheels in motion by proposing a commission to look into the government’s response to the pandemic. The investigation will begin after the virus is no longer a threat to public health and can be safely investigated.