As we are all looking for ways to stay connected during quarantined, some have already cracked the code. Staying connected plays a large role in your overall health and mental well being. If you’re still trying to find ways to stay connected, here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Keeping a routine may not sound like a way to remain social, but it absolutely is. If you’re sleeping the day away because you’re up all night binging netflix, you may miss out on texts, calls, or requests for video chats while the rest of the world is awake. Keeping a routine will also allow you to reach out to others at times that they are most likely to be awake and active themselves.

Movie Nights

Miss going to the movies or watching shows with friends? Have a movie night where you get a group of your friends together, watch the same movie, and chat or text while watching. This can help you feel much more connected and also gives the group an event to get excited for!

Virtual Happy Hours

Who says that just because the bars are closed you still can’t enjoy happy hour at the end of a long week? Of course you’ll need to comply with the current regulations, but virtual happy hours can do the trick. Grab a group of friends and chat over virtual drinks. Bonus points if you have a friend that can walk you through making your own fancy cocktails right in the comfort of your own home.


Finally, the last way to remain active and social is through exercise. Go out for a nice long walk or run. You’ll have the chance to wave to neighbors, say hi to friends from a distance, and maybe even see a few new friendly faces while you’re out.