Streaming has revolutionized the way that we receive our entertainment. Long gone are the days that we would have to depend on rental places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video for movies and games. Though Redbox is still standing strong, streaming dominates the market in how we receive our movies. However, you will want to find the best streaming service available that suits your entertainment needs. Let’s take a look at some different streaming services and how they compare to one another.

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick has been a solid choice when it comes to streaming for years now. It can be easily attached to your TV’s HDMI port and can instantly begin streaming channels of your choice. There is a multitude of channels that you can add to your dashboard that will enhance your options for entertainment. With a variety of options to watch, you’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to view with your friends on a weekend evening. This device can be found at most major retailers for an average of $34 USD.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon always finds ways to innovate their products on the market. The Amazon Firestick provides an almost endless selection of streaming channels available. The stick comes with a built-in Alexa operating system that allows you to use voice command. Finding the channel of your choice has never been more convenient. The average price of The Amazon Fire Stick can be found online for $24.99 USD.

NVIDIA Shield TV Gaming Edition

Have you ever wanted to stream games onto your TV? Now’s your chance to bring your favorite titles to your television screen. The NVIDIA Shield TV Gaming Edition is a home theater device that can enhance the way that you play your games. There is no clutter to have to deal with and is incredibly easy to set up. This is a perfect gift for your serious gamer friend this holiday season. You can find The NVIDIA Shield TV Gaming Edition on for $199 USD.

Entertainment is Always Changing

Streaming has revolutionized the industry almost overnight. We no longer have to depend on discs to view our movies and play our games. Most major companies provide streaming services of their content at your convenience as well. Optimizing your house for maximum entertainment has never been easier thanks to these easy to use devices.