Some of the top entrepreneurs in the world today are women. Women are creating businesses that go on to become household names in a wide variety of industries. These include medicine, finance, technology, food, and education. Women entrepreneurs are making a big splash in the charity world, too.

One great example of modern women entrepreneurship is Zum. This rideshare service solves the issue of getting increasingly busy kids to and from their school and activity commitments. Zum checks driver backgrounds extensively, then partners with school districts. Schools have special Zum pickup areas and the process is overseen by qualified school employees. Zum was founded by Ritu Narayan. Today, Zum is active throughout California. This company provides service in San Francisco, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Anne Boden, from Wales, is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank. Starling is a bank with no brick-and-mortar locations. It’s also different from traditional online banks because Starling is mobile-only. In the UK, Starling Bank has been described as the Amazon of the banking world. Since launching in 2016, this bank has expanded rapidly. In 2018, they started offering business accounts. During the same year, they entered into a partnership with the Post Office. Starling may still be a so-called “challenger bank,” but it’s making real inroads with customers of traditional high street banks.

23andMe is a DNA sequencing service. People have used 23andMe to determine their ancestry and provide some insight into their health. 23andMe sells products in the US, UK, Canada and several other countries around the world. This popular service made it easy for people to take DNA tests. All they had to do was swab the inside of their mouths and mail their DNA sample into the country. In just a short time, they had results. Two of the three founders of this company are women: biologist Linda Avey and entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki.

Finally, Goodr harnesses the power of blockchain to make the world a better place. Jasmine Crowe is the founder and CEO of Goodr. This app helps businesses manage their surplus food. Goodr ultimately reduces food waste and combat hunger. The blockchain element tracks food on every step of its journey and creates a donation receipt acceptable to the IRS.

While we may oftentimes hear about male leadership in businesses and other entrepreneur endeavors, it’s crucial to begin exploring and supporting the brilliant female entrepreneurs we have in our world today, so they can continue to inspire other women around the world to believe they can do whatever they put their mind to.