Becoming a successful actor takes talent, practice and some good old fashion luck. The amazing thing about acting is that you can become an actor at any age, and at any point in your life. While this career path can be challenging at times, the highs far outweigh the lows. At times, acting may seem more like a lifestyle rather than a career choice. Acting requires strong dedication, exemplary time management skills, and the will it takes to succeed within the industry.

Participate in Local Theater Programs

Experience is one of the most important aspects when it comes to starting your acting career. You are far more likely to receive your first booking if you have some experience acting in another capacity. The more experience you have, the better chance you’ll have at booking a future project. To gain that experience, join your hometown theater or your local school’s musical production. Both of these are great options that will allow you to experience what it is like to be in front of a large audience and prepare you for real world scenarios.

Take Acting Classes

You’ll want to become the best of the best and this is where the true saying comes in, practice make perfect. Obtaining education in theater productions will allow you to improve your acting skills for TV and film productions. Sign up for local acting lessons or take a few acting classes at your college. Acting classes in a college setting will teach you the history, stage production, dance and music that goes along with an entire production, as well as give you more practice acting.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Try to go on as many auditions as you possibly can to gain experience, but also to gain exposure in the acting world. Creating an active networking hemisphere to obtain as many contacts as you can is crucial in the acting world.  Networking is another way to land potential future roles. It’s also important to remember to be patient, and understand that this process takes time.

Create an Acting Resume

As you are going through the acting process and gaining experience each step of the way, you’ll want to keep track of your roles. Once you have a handful of notable experience in a variety of roles, create a resume specifically for your acting career. Fill this resume with performances, theater productions, commercials, background acting, music videos, and anything else that will draw the readers eye.

Hire A Talent Agent

Another way to build up a name for yourself in the industry is to secure an agent to help expand your networking and contacts even further. An agent is a great resource to find auditions you wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and they are also an advocate for your career.

Overall, remember to stay motivated and focus on what kind of actor you want to become. Make sure to gain as much experience and exposure as you can, practice as much as possible, and be patient with yourself and your expectations.